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30 Noiembrie - 1 Decembrie 2023: Inchis

Orbz Disney Monster University Foil Balloon, 38 x 40 cm, Amscan 28401, 1 piece


Revolutionary new shape and design. Easy to inflate - comes with an inflation guide sticker which helps you know when the balloon is inflated properly.

Long lasting - The durable seams ensure that this balloon will stay inflated for 2-3 weeks. Bright & Colourful - the sturdy foil material it is made from ensures a bright colour which makes an eye catching display.

Easy to inflate in recommended size thanks to the inflation guide sticker included. Strong foil and durable seams ANAGRAM quality - ensure that the balloon will stay helium inflated for more than 3 weeks.

Please see related models and our disposable helium canisters to inflate the balloons.

Data sheet

Shape Orbz
Color Green
Characters Monsters University
Items for Boy
Event Anniversaries
Product Type UltraShapes Foil Balloons
Dimensions 38 x 40 cm
Style Personaje
Package contents 1 Piece